Girl online and hitch get acquainted

Girl online and hitch get acquainted

Girl online and hitch get acquainted

Antique rocking chair with leather seat

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In this page: chair; chairmanship

WordReference English-Italiano Dictionary © 2018:

Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
chair (seat) sedia nf
  This is a comfortable chair.
  Questa è una sedia comoda.
chair (chairperson) presidente nm
  Frank is chair of the steering committee.
  Frank è presidente del comitato direttivo.
chair (seat of authority) comando nm
    presidenza nf
   (figurato) poltrona nf
  I would like Peter to take the chair and lead this discussion.
  Vorrei che Peter prendesse il comando e conducesse questa discussione.
Traduzioni aggiuntive
chair (professorship) cattedra nf
  Dr Roberts was offered a chair in history.
  Al dottor Roberts è stata offerta una cattedra in storia.
the chair (electric chair) la sedia elettrica nf
  The serial killer is being sent to the chair.
  Il serial killer sta per essere mandato sulla sedia elettrica.
chair abbreviation (mobility aid: wheelchair) sedia a rotelle, carrozzina nf
chair [sth]⇒ (preside over) presiedere⇒ vtr
    dirigere⇒ vtr
  The superintendent chaired the meeting.
  Il sovrintendente ha presieduto il meeting.

WordReference English-Italiano Dictionary © 2018:

Compound Forms/Forme composte
chair | chairmanship
barber chair,
barber's chair
(seat at male hairdresser's) poltrona da barbiere nf
  In order to get my hair cut, the man asked me to sit on the barber's chair.
  L'uomo mi chiese di sedermi sulla poltrona da barbiere per tagliarmi i capelli.
beach chair
(deck chair, foldout chair) sedia a sdraio nf
  I unfolded my beachchair but it collapsed when I sat on it.
  Ho aperto la sedia a sdraio ma è collassata una volta che mi ci sono seduta sopra.
beanbag chair (frameless, soft seat) poltrona sacco nf
camp chair (portable folding chair) sedia pieghevole nf
  Porta sempre con sé una sedia pieghevole.
    sedia da campeggio nf
chair arm (armrest of a seat) bracciolo nm
chair back (back rest on a chair) schienale nm
  Proper posture requires sitting up straight against the chair back.
  This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Le poltroncine di qualità hanno schienali perfettamente regolabili.
chair lift (ski lift, aerial ropeway) seggiovia nf
  A chair lift carries skiers to the top of the slope.
  This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Al rifugio si arriva con la seggiovia.
chair rail (protective molding) battisedia nm
(office of chairman) presidenza nf
  Edmund has recently been awarded the chairmanship.
club chair (type of chair) poltrona Club nf
    sedia Club nf
(one of two or more equal leaders) condirettore, co-presidente nm
cochair [sth],
co-chair [sth]⇒
(lead [sth] jointly) dirigere congiuntamente vtr
deck chair,
(folding seat for beach) sedia a sdraio, sdraio nf
  I like to sit outside on my deck chair when the weather's mild.
  Mi piace mettermi sulla sdraio in giardino quando il tempo è bello.
dentist's chair (adjustable seat for dental patient) poltrona del dentista
  He is sitting in the dentist's chair.
  È seduto sulla poltrona del dentista.
dining chair (high-backed chair used at dinner table) sedia da pranzo nf
  I've just bought a set of six antique dining chairs.
  Ho appena comprato una serie di sei sedie da pranzo antiche.
director's chair (film director's seat) sedia da regista nf
  The film director sat in the director's chair and gave instructions to the actors.
  Il regista sedeva sulla sedia da regista e dava direttive agli attori.
director's chair figurative (position of authority) (figurato) poltrona di comando nm
  I'm in the director's chair now.
  Adesso sono sulla poltrona di comando.
easy chair (recliner) poltrona nf
  Grandpa reclined in his easy chair when he arrived home.
  Il nonno si adagiò nella sua poltrona quando arrivò a casa.
the electric chair (execution apparatus) sedia elettrica nf
  The electric chair is arguably more humane than the guillotine.
  Certi sostengono che la sedia elettrica sia più umana della ghigliottina.
folding chair (collapsible chair) sedia pieghevole nf
high chair,
(child's tall chair) seggiolone nm
  The restaurant provided a highchair for my 3-year-old son.
  Al ristorante mi hanno dato un seggiolone per il mio bambino di 3 anni.
lawn chair (sun lounger, deck chair) sedia da giardino nf
  We bought some comfortable lawn chairs so we could enjoy summer evenings in the back yard.
  Abbiamo comprato delle sedie da giardino comode che useremo in cortile nelle sere d'estate.
lounge chair (furniture) poltrona nf
Morris chair (furniture) poltrona William Morris nf
potty chair
(child's seat with toilet bowl) seggiolone con vasino
reclining chair (seat that tilts backwards) sedia reclinabile, poltrona reclinabile nf
  I always fall asleep if I watch TV in my reclining chair.
  Mi addormento sempre quando guardo la TV dalla sedia reclinabile.
rocking chair (seat that rocks back and forth) sedia a dondolo nf
  Grandma and Grandpa like sitting in their rocking chairs on the veranda.
  Ai nonni piace stare seduti sulle sedie a dondolo in veranda.
sedan chair
(litter: carried chair) portantina nf
  The princess was carried through the town in a sedan.
  La principessa veniva trasportata per la città su una portantina.
sedan chair (enclosed vehicle) portantina nf
side chair (furniture) sedia senza braccioli nf
sofa chair (long seat) poltrona nf
swivel chair (seat that revolves) sedia girevole, poltrona girevole nf
  I'm sitting in a swivel chair in front of my computer screen.
tub chair (furniture) poltrona con schienale avvolgente nf
wing chair (furniture) poltrona nf
Nota: tipo di poltrona con specie di ali laterali

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Synonyms: seat, stool, bench, armchair, place, more...

Collocations: chair the [meeting, committee, event, organization], a [rocking, folding, revolving, swivel, comfortable, deck] chair, has been chosen to chair the [meeting], more...

(they) cannot stir abroad without a chair
a good inch and a half shy of the chair
a tough-looking computer, a leather executive chair
Assistant chair
bad chair day
budget chair
cane chair
chair design
chair of dermatology
chair of ITS tobacco advisory group
chair vs seat
chair/head of department
convener VS chair
Country Chair
empty chair
endowed my chair
First chair
flat chair
I had better have a kitchen chair too
in the chair (verbale di consiglio)
It's the chair for him!
ladder-backed chair
Panel Chair
Position the chair so that it's comfortable
Professor / Chair Professor
propped in a chair
rise from her chair
scraped her chair back clear of flailing limbs
screen (of a sedan chair)

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