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API employs a highly trained and specialized Sourcing team of professionals experienced and knowledgeable of the hotel industry. Our team has an in-depth understanding  of the inner workings of hotels and how hotels conduct a displacement analysis when submitting rates for airline crew or base business.  This is an essential part of our  team’s effective negotiation for best rates and contract terms and conditions with our hotel suppliers.

API’s dedicated sourcing & contracting solutions encompass the following:

  • Airline Crew Accommodation Sourcing
  • Negotiations Methodology
  • Contracting Methodology

API’s planning team is comprised of highly experienced professionals from the Airline industry who have extensive experience as crew schedulers, planners and many have worked for several different Crew Management Systems.  Their wealth of experience is essential when evaluating the airlines planning files and ensuring that they are seamlessly transferred into API’s ACES system.

This ensures the following:

  • API’s business rules engine will generate the monthly hotel and GT schedules complying with airline requirements as negotiated by API’s Sourcing Team with all Crew Hotels
  • Optimizing hotel and GT utilization to produce cost-efficiencies
  • Release the hotel and ground transportation schedules electronically to all suppliers and ensure they have received and acknowledged their schedules

API’s 24/7/365 state of the art Operations Center is located at API’s Corporate Headquarters in Melville, New York.

  • Employing over 90 full time representatives, the operations center handles 43 network airlines, as well as, two cruise line partners
  • Utilizing our proprietary ACES technology, we provide crew hotel accommodations and ground transportation services to over 1MM crew members globally
  • The department processed over 1.5MM transactions and answered over 180K phone calls in 2016
  • With a focus on exceptional customer service and a 99.99% execution rating

The ACES Accounting component provides an automated electronic workflow for invoices for hotel and transportation providers. The ACES system automatically creates monthly accruals that include both planned (scheduled) and actual (day of operations) services used. Suppliers submit their invoices to API electronically using the ACES supplier website.  These invoices are reviewed by API auditors using an electronic reconciliation wizard which compares the accrual amounts adjacent to the supplier submitted amounts before presentation to the airline. Validated invoices and amounts are submitted to the airline for approval. An on-line consolidated invoice provides the airline with a summary of all individual invoices.

Features of the ACES accounting component include:

  • Fully integrated consolidated invoices with complete cost center and general ledger accounting
  • Sophisticated tax exemption algorithms ensure maximum savings from Tax recovery
  • ACES supports Sarbanes Oxley 404 compliance by providing traceability of travel expenses to the trip (pairing) level

API provides a complete business analysis solution which allows our Airline partners to process dynamic reporting in order to track performance versus clear metrics and understand patterns and behavior of all Hotel and Ground Transportation transactions.

  • Dynamic Reporting allows our clients to have full visibility on every dollar spent and monitor main KPI’s, so better decisions can be made
  • API provides more than 30 different customizable reports and a dynamic dashboard to  facilitate quick analysis without time consuming downloading of reports

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