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Intermodal containers jobs

Home Time

Schneider Intermodal is a great choice for drivers with families. Our regional truck drivers get home weekly or more (some even daily), while local truck drivers are home every night. With Schneider Intermodal, you can be there for your family; then hit the road to do the job you love. Plus, we offer more options when it comes to work schedules. So whether your life works best on a Monday-Friday shift or a Friday-Tuesday, you can find a driving schedule that works for you.

Regional Intermodal Driver, Chris

“Schneider is a good company to work for. They care about their drivers. It’s never an issue to get home when I need to, and the freight is always available when I want it.”

Chris Luzich, Regional Intermodal driver

Steady Freight

Get ready to run — Schneider's Intermodal division is growing quickly. We've got a solid freight base that is continually expanding as Intermodal delivery becomes more popular (for example, over 200 customers for Chicago Intermodal alone). Between Fortune 500 retail shippers and medium-size manufacturers, Schneider has the freight to keep you moving year-round. And it's not just any freight; 70% of our Intermodal loads are drop-and-hook.

Schneider is also adding intermodal trailers to our Tanker Division and Jet-Set configurations with paid flights, industry firsts. That means an even larger freight base and even wider variety of opportunities for drivers.

Intermodal Specific Training

Schneider's number one core value is Safety First and Always. One way we reinforce that is through our driver training practices. Schneider has three training centers for Intermodal drivers. They are strategically located in Chicago,  Los Angeles and Haslet — some of the busiest railroad hubs in the United States. The paid orientation curriculum — five days for experienced drivers, three weeks for inexperienced — includes classroom learning and in-truck training to make sure you'll be successful and safe when you hit the road.

Local Intermodal Driver, Latressa Williams

“I don't know too many companies that will literally show you exactly how it’s done; they’ll just send you out there. Schneider doesn't do that. They'll show you. They'll show you again. And they'll make sure that you do know and then they want you to show them again. Therefore, they'll feel safe and proud to say, 'Ok this is our driver. We stand behind his work and what he's doing because we taught him well.'”

Latressa Williams, Local Intermodal driver

Bigger Money

Schneider Intermodal drivers can earn up to ,000 a year, depending on experience, location and configuration — plus great benefits. In addition to your base pay, you’ll have the opportunity to earn performance pay for driving safely each week and have access to unlimited referral bonuses.

Schneider also has the Pace Setter Recognition and Rewards Program, created exclusively for our Intermodal truck drivers. You can earn points by meeting various performance criteria — like having no preventable accidents and no log falsifications. Then you can redeem those points for your choice of more than five million prizes. It’s Schneider’s way of rewarding drivers who consistently go the extra mile and achieve exceptional results.

New Equipment

Schneider is the premium door-to-door asset-based Intermodal service provider in North America. That means we use our own trucks, containers and chassis fleet. We’re committed to keeping our assets in tiptop shape and adding even more assets.

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