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JIRA Software is a task management tool for software development teams, offered by Atlassian. It allows to create, prioritize and track the progress of tasks across multiple team members.https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Do/VE/SNKZVM5Z3C0V.PNGAtlassianJIRA ALM is one of the best ALM tools available in the market.2018-08-17T20:20:29.098ZJIRA ALM is one of best ALMs available in the market today. The rating for the overall user interface would be 4/5. Mainly because of it's seamless depiction of all the project related milestones in a neat and quickly understandable format. The USP of the JIRA ALM is it's defect tracking mechanism. The well laid out user interface allows the the development team to quickly access the defects and update, view and review the status of the defects. The implementation of JIRA ALM has really helped me and my team in optimizing the overall project development lifecycle. Would rate the JIRA defect tracking mechanism a solid 5/5 rating.,The defect management and tracking mechanism is one of best in the industry.,The cost for the software licensing could be improved upon.,8,Cost management Enhance decision making Reduce time to market Improve supplier or partner relationships,BugzillaGaurav MananiAll-in-one project tracking platform2018-06-18T19:47:11.371ZLogging and tracking issues in the project. I also use it as a way of noting down ideas as they arise. I don't have time to do most things as they are thought of so it is great for logging for future reference. When I complete one task or project, I visit my Jira queue and see what I can do next depending on priority and time constraints. It is a great way to get some quick wins done if I only have a short time so I can clear the queue a bit before taking on my next big project.,I personally like the ability to track where issues and task are, how much work has been completed on them and what the estimated time remaining is. Easy to interact with a task. Easy to get into the task for the bug fixes and report it to the higher level through the spontaneous notifications. I like how JIRA helps teams organize themselves.,I can't say anything that bothers me about JIRA. The price is little bit high.,9,It integrates well with Confluence for team collaboration on bugs and projects.,Workzone and Assembla Workspaces,Dropbox, ActiveCollab, Wrike, Flock, ProcorePoorva NaswaJIRA is the ultimate in issue tracking software2018-05-23T22:33:54.933ZWe use JIRA as a project management tool. We use it to manage our backlog of tasks, plan our sprints and organize who works on what. We use their reporting to get metrics on how well the team and individuals are performing. JIRA is used across the entire organization to manage all forms of work.,Customized workflows - JIRA can be set up to work for any imaginable workflow. Fine grained account control - roles can be created for any type of user access, giving you full control. Nice looking and easy to use UI. Available in SaaS and self hosted.,It can be overwhelming. So many configurations and options can make it difficult to manage. It's among the most expensive in its category. Much cheaper options are available and likely do what you need. If your admin configures things wrong, it can be very difficult to use as a user.,8,Teams are able to organize and work much easier Upper management has great insights into everyone's performance,Basecamp, Team Foundation Server and GitHub,Zendesk, Visual Studio IDE, Microsoft Azure, Amazon DynamoDB, PostgreSQLRichard RoutThe Tool for you development2018-05-14T18:29:48.410ZWe use Jira to manage all our user stories, all development content, and actions. With this tool, we no longer forget anything in our development cycle.,Configurable User friendly Cost for small teams,Too many options. Sometimes a configuration has too many steps to be done. Cost to medium teams A large server footprint to local servers (Tomcat is a large memory user),10,To Small teams (10 users) is the best software on the market To Medium Teams, the ROI need to be calculated with a 12-24 month schedule. Short term ROI depends on product budget.,Trello,IntelliJ IDEA, Apache Tomcat, Oracle VM VirtualBoxFlávio CarmoJIRA - Development workflow for all companies...2018-11-01T16:57:17.545ZJIRA is being used as an overall tracking tool for application development. Requests for new enhancements/projects may be placed in the system or defects may be tracked. IT managers also use the tool to assign tasks and to check hours booked to a project or request. Management reporting also comes from the application and is used for capacity planning and resource management.,Great tool for agile development Allows flexibility to build out workflows that map to your company's internal processes Flexibly reporting and build out by team,Make certain the full end to end processes are documented - changing flows will impact the lineage of your data Make certain someone on the team has JIRA experience or have a vendor support you in the implementation Look at full functions offered out of the box and understand additional plug-ins that may be needed.,9,Great easy to use tool and little training required for team members Modification of processes/flows can cause confusion for team members unless properly communicated. Look at the overall need and see if this tool fits your need, as there are other products available in the market.,IBM Rational ALM and Rallyverse,Adobe Acrobat DC, Alexa, Google HangoutsVerified User

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