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reiki kangiUsui Reiki Master and Teacher

Contemporary and Traditional methods
level three manual
by Peggy L. Jentoft
© Peggy Jentoft ,2000, 2001
except where noted
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This is intended to be a simple practical manual for Usui Reiki. level three
No manual will ever be complete. There is always more to learn. Download  the Manual in PDF
the downoaded manual may differ somewhat  from the online manual

My Reiki  Manuals are offered for free download and may be used in trainings and classes. My name and copyright information must be retained. My manuals are widely distributed and have been downloaded over one million times since 1996 . People who remove my name and copyright information and/or attempt to pass themselves off as the author of these manuals  are quickly exposed and face considerable embarrasment and the  loss of their reputation as well as possible legal consequences.

This manual is all on one page to make it easier to print or save even though that makes it rather large My main intention is to have the manual I use in class available on the internet for the benefit of my students and for Reiki Masters who have received remote attunement and for others who might find value in it.
Traditionally many Reiki Masters hold that the symbols are sacred or secret and should not be shown to people who are not first attuned to the appropriate level. I respect them and their tradition of secrecy but feel strongly that I must have the symbols in the manual for maximum helpfulness . I was familiar with most of the symbols in a Buddhist context prior to receiving Reiki. Should You not wish to see them do not continue to read this manual. The symbols cannot be used to connect with the Reiki energy and functions unless a person has been attuned to Reiki. In order to transmit attunement to others you normally must be attuned to the Master level of Reiki .

Reiki Master Level Three Manual
About Symbols
The master symbol
How Attunements work
Ritual and attunement
Before the Attunement
Direct Intention
The Direct or crown to crown
Attunements for the Usui Reiki System
Semi Traditional
long version first degree
long second degree
Traditional Third degree
Remote attunement
#21 Day Cleansing Cycle
The exchange issue
# weird deattunement- obedience symbol
Reiki Ethics for professionals

Suggestions for classes

MORE RITUALS for attunement
Semi Traditional Usui
longer attunement form


This is a Master Teacher Manual for the three level Usui system of Reiki. Traditional and contemporary Reiki . The Reiki Master/Teacher (Level III) consists of learning the master symbol, receiving the attunement, and learning attunement processes.

There also is often some discussion and teaching about ethical spiritual and social issues that might concern to Reiki Masters. The Class will also address some of the the practical methods of teaching Reiki to others, and some thoughts about manual writing and class organization. When This class is completed and after the attunement has been received the student will be a Reiki Master and teacher and will be able to pass Reiki Attunement for all levels of Reiki using either ritual methods or the direct intention transmission of the Reiki attunement. Some masters will only teach those people who are willing and able to completely dedicate their lives to Reiki. I feel that Reiki and other energy work systems should be widely available to people who sincerely wish to learn to use them.

Many Reiki practitioners want to take the Master level to complete their Reiki training. There is no way to complete your spiritual development and personal evolution. This is an ongoing process . This is a new beginning for sharing Reiki with others and for opportunities to enhance your own development.
Naturally some of the material in this manual should be familiar to the Reiki Master candidate from their previous study of Reiki . This manual has the Dual purpose of teaching the Master student the material they need to know in becoming a Reiki Master and reviewing and presenting information and procedures to be taught to their students.

Being A Reiki Master does not mean you are better or wiser or more enlightened than anyone else it just means that you are able to transfer the ability to transmit Reiki attunement to others. I feel that a Reiki Master should make an effort to live in an ethical way and to be responsible for their actions and intentions .
This manual includes traditional Usui Reiki, attunement and the knowledge to pass them to others. I emphasize that strongly because due to Reiki variants with differing numbers of attunements there is occasionally some confusion about what is to be taught in a particular class .

Some teachers teach a Reiki 3a or personal Master level between Reiki 2 and the teaching level . Some of these classes only teach the use of the empowerment symbol for personal use and healing and others will teach a number of nontraditional techniques but 3a usually does not teach how to pass attunements for all levels or how to teach a class .
This may seem like just a way to get more money out of a student. I usually just teach the complete system in three levels. Some people do wish to have the use of the empowerment function in healing without wanting to teach others usually because of a specific healing need among their family and loved ones or they may want an intermediate stage between Reiki two and Reiki Master teacher before they decide if they wish to practice as a Reiki Master . Some nontraditional elements that are often added in three a classes might include meditation techniques, a Healing Attunement, the Hui Yin, the Violet Breath, Psychic Surgery, Reiki Crystal Grids a Meet your Reiki Guide Meditation, some of these are touched on in the Reiki two manual that is included with this Master training The reality is that most "3a Master Practitioners" are Reiki Masters who simply have not been taught an Attunement Process.

About Symbols
There are at least three fundamentally different types of symbols and beliefs regarding the nature of symbolic forms. The first kind of symbol is those in which the power or ability to create effect is inherent in the form of the symbol. Those used in sacred geometry or the tattwas and to a certain extent Yantra Mandalas are among those in which the actual shape or form is said to directly stimulate the subconscious energy patterns in the brain and energy body or physical and nonphysical reality.
These symbols are said to contain the power to waken an ability or create a result or convey mystical information and realization of themselves with no or little action or intention by anyone . The second belief is that objects and symbols can be something that is charged or empowered by intention or ritual or proximity to holy places or people to contain the power to create an effect. The last kind of symbol is those that are tools or triggers which enable you to connect with and use a spiritual function, information, energy and so forth, that exists separate from the symbol itself. The symbol is more like an on button the power is in what the symbols represent rather than having any power of its own. These viewpoints are not really mutually exclusive they are just different ways of looking at things. Some people in the United states have considered and taught that the Reiki symbols and their names or mantra themselves inherently contained the power and were sacred and secret not to be revealed to anyone who was not an initiate. Most of the Symbols used in Reiki are Kanji that is written words which have esoteric symbolic meanings in some Buddhist traditions.

I have always felt that the Reiki symbols were primarily of the third kind. They are tools to facilitate connecting with aspects of the universal energy for healing. They do not themselves have inherent power. There are often many different ways to draw a particular symbol but they all effectively assist in connecting to the Reiki energy. Now that Western Reiki Practitioners have made contact with Japanese Reiki Practitioners from the Reiki Association founded by Mikao Usui it is apparent that this is the way they are used in that society and that many people become able to use Reiki functions without directly invoking the symbols .
These symbols are exactly that, symbols. They are not what they represent. The Reiki symbols represent specific properties functions of energy for healing and spiritual enhancement . When anyone who is attuned to Reiki sees and says the name or draws these symbols it helps them to connect themselves with the Reiki energy and activate the function and specific purpose the symbol represents . The specific attunement the author of this manual uses does confer an automatic ability to choose to work with the Reiki functions by intention and use words or thought as the activator as well as by consciously invoking the symbols . Direct intention activation does not substitute for the information and experience to be gained from studying and using symbols . It is not necessary to understand the meanings of the symbols or even to consciously use them to gain and share the benefits of the Reiki system. Though it can enrich your experience to explore the meanings. The symbols remind us that there are ways to focus on different aspects of the energy and use them.
You may also use Reiki to focus on other aspects and purposes of the universal energy by direct intention. Other systems which have evolved from Reiki such as Seichim and Karuna use different symbols to focus on other aspects of the energy. However you can use Reiki for these functions without further attunement and with or without the use of the additional symbols. I do not mean to say that working without symbols is "more advanced" than working with them. I mean that it is simply different, not better or more advanced, and that what is true or right for one person may not be the best way for another person.

In the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai which is the Reiki society founded by Usui Sensei, We understand that it is taught that the symbols were added by Usui sensei sometime after his realization of Reiki in order to help those people who had little experience in energy work or who needed help connecting with energy.
The symbols were apparently selected from those terms used in some esoteric Buddhist sects that are appropriate for the function of the Reiki focus . I was actually familiar with most of these terms before encountering Reiki so I am not surprised by this at all. Many more books and translations of Reiki teaching from Japan will be published in the future so our historical information about Reiki will continue to expand. Reiki is not a closed system, while we benefit by having a sound background in traditional Reiki practices Usui Sensei, by designating himself as second rank gave symbolic indication of his hope that the system would continue to develop after his passing.

The method of becoming attuned to the ability to use Reiki has changed over the years from the way it was and is practiced at the Japanese Reiki society . In the Reiki Ryoho in Japan you would meet weekly with fellow members and a master, have a lesson or lecture and possibly practice and or receive healing treatment after which you would do the hatsurei ho meditation during which the master would give you and the other members "Reiju" an empowerment which helps to connect and deepen your connection to Reiki energy usually gradually in accord with your personal development. Possibly after a period probably of a year or more of this practice and study you might be invited to learn the second teachings.
In the Hayashi-Takata lineage called Usui Shiki Ryoho the symbols are of more importance. The system was set up to teach Reiki faster than the lengthy training in Reiki Ryoho. There was more emphasis on symbols and hand positions so that students could connect to Reiki in order to work in the Hayashi clinic before they developed the ability to sense the energy of clients. This is also probably why an attunement process was developed similar to the initiations used in many healing and spiritual traditions in order to. greatly accelerate the clearing and connection and ability to work with universal energies The Masters that Mrs. Takata trained were taught with this emphasis on the symbols and were also sworn to secrecy about the Reiki symbols and other practices.

Dai Ku Myo, Empowerment,The master symbol
Dai Ku Myo or dai ko myo (dye koo myo, (mm yoh long o ) .Empowerment, Intuition, Creativity and Spiritual connection this is the master symbol or energy function used for activating the initiation and attunement to Reiki. This is the only symbol added in traditional Usui Reiki during the Master training. There are a couple of additional symbols that are not originally part of this system that many teachers have added and we will discuss them later.

Dai Ku Myo can be translated as "the Great shining light" or "the treasure tower of light" In some Buddhist practices it is symbolic of "Mystic law " or one's "Buddha Nature" and of states of enlightenment. and is sometimes used in esoteric Buddhism as a metaphor for the essential spiritual truth or laws of the universe It can also refer to the senses , the human body in enlightenment, The teachings of all enlightened masters . These may be traditional meanings separate from Dai ku Myo as a Reiki symbol.

Dai ku myo enables recognition and clarity about your true path. There is less written about this Reiki symbol and function than about the others in the context of Reiki because until quite recently there have been very few Reiki Masters who are empowered to use it. It is still somewhat unexplored . Mrs. Takata drew the symbols differently for many of her students. The first three symbols were compared and one form for each was selected after her death . This was not done with the DKM so there are many different versions which you might encounter. They all work. DKM activates a powerful energy for Self Empowerment and is used for opening Spiritual connection and intuition and cellular healing. Once you are attuned for this energy you can use it for treating yourself and others each time you activate Reiki. It is said to work at the cellular and genetic levels and is valuable for treating Migraine Headaches. Many people have found that Level three Reiki Attunement increases the intuitive and psychic awareness that they can comfortably access.
I have heard this called the vocational or life purpose function because it often seems to initiate dramatic changes in career and lifestyle. It is also used as a Manifestation energy by some as is Cho Ku Rei the power boost from second degree Reiki . To use DKM for manifestation you activate this energy and clearly visualize what you intend to manifest this will not bring you things that are not in accord with your high self and soul purpose. The first example is the form I was originally taught. The second is probably the more authentic form of Dai ku myo. I

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