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Barrows Brothers Mini Game:

Here is the low down on the situation, you need to K0 each brother.. sounds simple yeah?... think again!
There will be one of the brothers coffins that has a tunnel! ( oooooooooooh! ) you need to remember which coffin has the tunnel ( It changes each round you do ) if you have not killed 5/6 brothers when you find the tunnel, you need to leave that Coffin until the 5th brother has fallen.
once inside the Tunnel you then need to find your way through the maze of doors to make your way to the rewards chest in the very middle! again... sounds simple, yeah?... these brothers are cheeky! the one brother you didn't get to K0 before you followed the tunnel will jump out of no where and start attacking you! but fear less! they will only do this while going through doors, so be prepared each door you open, until the last brother has fallen to your combat skills! did I mention that the Tunnels are full of mid level monsters such as rats (eww), Spiders ( Oh HELL NO! These guys can be cute and small but also over grown! ), Skeletons ( let's re arrange their body? Smile ) and blood thirsty fat little wormies.

Good Luck!


The Barrows brothers were a band of six legendary Saradominist warriors who ventured into Morytania during the God Wars, leading the Morytania Campaign. Their fate is revealed in the crumbling tome. They struck a deal with the powerful Mahjarrat Sliske for power, and after their deaths, Sliske came to 'collect' them, and they were buried in six burial mounds, or Barrows, in eastern Morytania, giving them their collective name. Even after their deaths, they serve Sliske as wights to serve Sliske's lord. They are featured in the Armies of Gielinor Saradomin Strikes campaign. Their ages are shown by their names, the first alphabetically being the oldest (Ahrim), and the last alphabetically being the youngest (Verac). The brothers are the strongest of Sliske's wights, and their name is derived from their last resting place, now known as the Barrows.

Location of each brother:

The Brothers ( Attack Style and Weakness):

Ahrims: Attacks with Magic, Weak to Range, but Melee is also effective.
Dharok: Attacks with Melee, Weak to Magic
Guthan: Attacks with Melee, Weak to Magic
Karil: Attacks with Range, Weak to Melee, but Mage is also effective
Torag: Attacks with Melee, Weak to Magic
Verac: Attacks with Melee, Weak to Magic


Prayer - If you are a low level I would suggest this method, though it does use a lot of prayer potions, due to the fact your prayer drains.
Simply, the prayer method is to use protection prayers against each brother then tank the Tunnels.
The genereal idea of this method is to get in and out of each brothers mound to save your prayer dropping.

Tanking - Bring your highest defence gear, even while using Magic. Due to the brothers low mage defence, your Magic attack bonus is not too much to worry about.
With this method I would use prayer on Dharok. My personal method is a risk it for the buiscut method, I tend to tank Dharok until he hits me once (His hits may hurt, but he hits as accuratly as a drunk man in a brawl) then slurp down a sip of prayer potion and quick select Melee protect in my prayers.

Freezing: there are no particular items needed for this method, so I generally use non degradable defence gear or Graceful.
The idea of this method is as simple as the title, using ancient Magiks, freeze the brothers and far cast them with a Trident ( you get 5 hits of the trident in before they can move again... after you hit them with Ice Blitz )
Prayer against Ahrim and Karil is the most simple method but you can always tank them too.

Barrows Brothers order:

1ST: Karil                  Dharok
2ND: Ahrim                  Ahrim
3RD: Dharok          OR     Karil
4TH: Guthan                 Guthan
5TH: Verac                  Verac
6TH: Torag                  Torag

4TH, 5TH and 6TH can be in any order, it wont typically effect anything.

Minimal Combat Requirements:

Attack: 60+
Strength: 60+
Defence: 40+
Hitpoints: 60+
Magic: 50+
Range: 50+
Prayer: 43+
Slayer: 55+

Reccomended Combat Levels:

Attack: 70+
Strength: 70+
Defence: 60+
Hitpoints: 70+
Magic: 65+
Range: 61+
Prayer: 43+
Slayer: 55+

Notable information about each Brother:

Dharok:- Though this brother doesn't look so tough, be warned, his hits can feel like a freight train hitting you! it is advised to pray against him, if you are not freezing the melee brothers. Dharoks max hits are 29 at high HP, 60+ at low HP, so be careful!

Ahrim:- Mr. Magic... Along with using the typical Fire Wave Attack, he also uses the curse spell...that can hit through Prayer... note the effect of Ahrims armour is to low your strength, even if his hit splashes, remember it can still lower your strength. also, remember Ahrims is also great for target practice with range, so feel free to use him as a pin cushion!

Karil:- Speedy over here has a fast range attack that is super accurate and can hit fairly high with a maximum of 20. he lowers your agility, so he can make the tunnels a pain...

Guthan:- Guthan oh Guthan... just as you think he is about to die... he heals off you... what a leech! his set effect is the damage he does to you he heals! it is a random effect, and his max hit is 24.. so he has the potential to heal 24 from your hp!

Torag:- Pfft, really? you want information on Torag? okay.. here goes... he holds more than 1 hammer... and he can lower your run energy... satisfied? he is the pleb of the brothers. Smile

Verac:- My GOD! A Pain in the backside!... if you don't use the freeze method. this brother has a max hit of 23... and can hit through prayer and make you seem defenceless. Food is a good idea to have with this young fellow.

Here are the answers to the puzzles for the Tunnels!


okay, lets start getting into the goodies now.

I'm not going to go to every single item you SHOULD use... face it - we are ironmen/women, so we don't exactly have a full pic of items, so my suggestion for this armour, focus on getting your prayer bonus right up, don't stress too much about your Magic attack or your defence bonus. Monk robes do just fine.

( Tanking )
Same goes for this, we don't have a selection of the wide world of OSRS, but your best defence gear would be ideal, no focus on your magic attack bonus, anything over rune armour would be fine for Barrows.

( Freezing )
hmm, this one is interesting... you should look for some magic attack bonus, but at the same time, defence helps due to the fact you may not kill the brother before they unfreeze.

My setup, Freeze Method: ( Please note, I do use some advanced Iron items )


Helm - Ahrim hood
Body - Torag Body
Legs - Torag Legs
Ammy - Glory
Gloves - Barrows
Boots - Mystic Boots
Shield - God Book
Cape - Mage Arena God Cape
Ring - Wealth
Weapon - Trident of the Seas


1 Prayer Potion
Water, Death and Blood runes for Ice Blitz ( 3 slots )
Barrows Teleports
Super Set
14 monkfish/sharks
Mystic top and bottom

My Order:

Dharok > Ahrim > Karil > Guthan > Verac > Torag

Suggestions for you personally at this stage Fe Faerie:

If you have decent defence gear, like dragon skirt/legs and rune platebody, try a trip of the tanking method, if you feel you use too many supplies use the prayer method until you get yourself top/bottom of the barrow melee brothers armour. at 70 defence tanking them shouldn't be too much of a struggle.

Your invent if you are tanking should be-
combat potions, super if possible
1 Prayer potion
combat runes
range top + ava's device for Ahrim
and a touch tele to be safe
Fill the rest of your invent with the best food you have.

I apologise for the guide not being so in depth, but given the circumstances of ironman, it is hard to do a set up guide. =[

I hope this helps a little bit for you.

If anyone needs more help - you know where to find me (osrs advice cc) , if not reply with a question I have not covered in this post. Smile

Foot Note:
if anyone else wants any type of guide, feel free to ask!

GTS Lord Signing out, Peace! Drops Mic

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