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Though Paris is known to many as a romantic, expensive vacation, there are many choices for  backpacking accommodation in Paris for those who are looking to travel Paris on a tight budget. It’s hard to weed through all of the couple of grand a night hotels to find the cheaper ones, and it’s even harder to weed through the cheaper ones to find those that are going to be reputable, clean and comfortable places.
If you’ve been considering Paris as a destination but are unsure of whether or not you’ll be able to afford it, have no fear. There are plenty of cheap hotels and hostels in Paris, and I’ve compiled a list of the six best hostels in Paris so you don’t have to!

oops-hostel,paris accomodation,save money1. Oops! Budget Hotel
Don’t let the name dissuade you. This hip hotel is located right in the center of Paris so you have easy access to all public transportation. Plus, you’ll be located near open-air markets, cafés, cinemas, shops, and everything else that the city has to offer. The Oops! Budget Hotel lets you choose between private rooms or shared dorm rooms, starting at 70 Euro and 30 Euro respectively., so its a great way to do Paris on a budget and have a choice rooms as well.No matter which you choose, each room is decorated with bright colors and contemporary wallpaper. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a room with a balcony overlooking the streets of Paris! All rooms are equipped with showers, toilets, and air conditioning. Click here for Oops Hotel


hostel 3 ducks,paris hostel for back packers2. 3 Ducks Hostel
The 3 Ducks Hostel is located only a ten minute walk from the Eiffel Tower – which will make you feel like royalty without having to pay the steep price of one of the nearby hotels. Located near the Montparnasse district, you get all the excitement of Paris combined with the laidback feel of a small village. Rooms – which vary from 2 beds to 12 – are priced anywhere from 18 Euro to 26 Euro per person depending on the room and the season. This hostel provides free Internet, telephone use, and Paris guide books! Click here for 3 Ducks Hostel

St-Christophers-Inn,paris,cheap accomodation3. St. Christopher’s Inn
This Inn is has two different locations – one on the canal and a newer one near the Gare du Nord train station. Each provides free Internet, bed linens, and complimentary breakfast. The rooms are spacious and vary from 29 Euro to 40 Euro a night, depending on whether you want a private double or a shared room and another great way to do Paris on a budget if your funds are tight. St. Christopher’s Inn also offers 6 Euro backpacker meals every night, which is a great way to meet others who are on a similar journey! If you’re eating dinner out on the town, you can always come back and grab a drink at the bar / nightclub when you’re feeling social – it’s open until 2AM. Click here for both the  Christopher’s Inns

touring paris on a budget,paris hostel accomodation4. Woodstock Hostel
Yes, this hostel is just as laid-back as you’d expect it to be. The bar is open until 2AM, so it’s the perfect place to come back to for the night if you’re looking to make a few new friends. There’s no curfew here, so you don’t need to worry about cutting your night short to get back to your bed. Located in popular Montmartre, you won’t have to go far to find exciting nightlife. Complimentary breakfast is included, and Woodstock also provides free Internet access and maps of Paris – there’s even half of a hip VW bus hanging on the wall when you enter! Rooms are priced anywhere from 25 Euro to 27 Euro. Woodstock Hostel in Paris

peace-and-love-hostel-paris,Good Hostels in Paris,hostel,paris5. Peace and Love Hostel
The Peace and Love Hostel is one of the unique hostels in Paris because they only cater to a certain age group – you won’t find anyone here who’s not between the ages of 18-35. You can check in and out of the hostel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the bar is open until 2AM. This bar attracts locals as well, so you have the opportunity to meet both locals and backpackers. Located near the canal, you’re within walking distance of cafés and open-food markets. Each room is equipped with a shower and sink, and the suites also include their own toilets. Bed linens are provided and towels are available to rent. Free internet is available from 8AM-6PM. Room rates begin at 17 Euro per night. Click here for more information for Peace and Love Hotel

best hostel in paris hotel,hostel,paris6.
This charming little hostel is located in Montmartre, which is one of Paris’ most authentic areas. You’ll be sure to get a great feel of the city while staying in this popular district. You’ll be close to Sacre Coeur and Moulin Rouge, and a stone’s throw away from plenty of bars and cafés. Conveniently located near a metro, you’ll be able to get anywhere else in Paris with little effort. All rooms include air conditioning, showers, sinks, toilets, and telephones. Free linen and blankets are provided and you can rent a towel for only 1 Euro. Rooms range from 19 Euro to 70 Euro, depending on whether you want to stay in a 4 bed dorm or a single private room. Click here for more information

Paris on a Budget: Backpacking Accommodation in Paris

Though this certainly is not an all-encompassing list of hostels in Paris, it’s a good starting point if you’re looking to travel Paris on  a budget. As with all hostels, these all have their positive and negative aspects, so do a little research before booking. No matter what area of Paris you’re looking to stay in or what type of hostel you’re looking for, there’s a bed waiting for you. With the abundance of backpacking accommodation in Paris, you’re bound to find somewhere that feels like home!

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