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It’s a girl! Congratulations. You’re in the right place to find a perfect name for a baby girl. On this page you can browse popular names for girls and lists of unusual girls’ names, search girls’ names by first letter and by origin, find our top stories on naming a daughter and talk baby girl names on our forums.

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Popular Baby Girl Names

Here are the most popular girls’ names on Nameberry this month.

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Browse popular girls’ names around the world

Baby Girl Names A to Z

Maybe you’re looking for a girl name that starts with C to honor your grandmother, or one that begins to M to match your last name. Or you might simply want to browse all the girls’ names on Nameberry, from Aaliyah to Zuleika. Search our girl names by first initial here.

Baby Girl Names Lists

We have hundreds of unique lists of baby girl names, from cool to classic, vintage to invented. Here are our top lists of baby names for girls.

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Baby Girl Names By Origin

Another way to browse the baby girl names on Nameberry is by origin. These are girls’ names whose etymological roots are in the Irish or Hebrew or Spanish languages, not necessarily the names that are popular in the countries where those languages are spoken. Search names for girls by origin here.

Search all baby girl names by origin

Baby girl Names Blogs

Nameberry includes hundreds of news stories and blogs on girls’ names, predicting trends, analyzing popularity, surveying history, and telling our personal stories. Some of our top articles on girls’ names:

Baby Girl Names Forums

Still stumped? Our Girl Names Forum is a fun and friendly place to talk girl names with your fellow Berries and get advice and inspiration on naming your baby girl.

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