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Girl online and hitch get acquainted

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Strasbourg is a Must See

The French city of Strasbourg is the capital city of the region of Alsace. Strasbourg is located in the east of the region and also the east of the country. The river Rhine flows to the east of the city, which is also the border to Germany. On the other side of the Rhine, lies the German town of Kehl. Strasbourg is an important city in the region and it is also the largest city in Alsace. It is also of particularly high priority within the European region. Various European institutions have their seat here such as the European Parliament. Due to its long history which dates back as far as the ancient times before Christ, you can find an abundance of tourist attractions, such as the Liebfrauenmünster.

Journey to Strasbourg

The journey to Strasbourg can be taken by train, several German connections call at the main railway station in Strasbourg.

Strasbourg International Airport is situated 10 km away from the city centre. It is used by German airlines and from here you can quickly reach the city centre.

The City Structure in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is separated into 14 urban districts. Neudorf is one of the most densely populated districts of Strasbourg. However, that was not always the case. For a long time, Neudorf was situated far away from the city although it was only city the walls that stood between them. Nonetheless, it was merely a dank part of the city with only a few houses. It was not until the end of the 19th Century that Neudorf was incorporated into Strasbourg and afterwards, a lot of buildings were constructed. Alongside residential buildings, an emphasis was placed on the infrastructure and schools were built. After the war it became livelier in Neudorf and the number of inhabitants has steadily grown.

The district of Neuhof is situated only 4 km away from the city centre. This district of the city is perhaps well-known as a result of the street fights that often take place by NATO opponents. The district has several blocks of flats and many of them are sprayed with graffiti.

Tourist Attractions in Strasbourg

The old town of Strasbourg has been part of the UNESCO World-Heritage Site since 1988. The main focus is the Münsterplatz, which is dominated by the Cathedral of Strasbourg. The Cathedral of Strasbourg is a landmark of the city. It was built between 1176 and 1439 in the romantic and Gothic style. The Liebfrauenmünster is an important cathedral in our cultural history. It was built out of sandstone, which is unique for a building of this size. As a result of the long period of construction, the styles merge into one another. A South Tower was planned but it could not be completed and this has led to its asymmetrical form.

The Kammerzell House is one of these half-timbered houses that can be found around the Münsterplatz. The building was constructed in 1427 and then converted in 1467. It is the most well-known secular building in the whole of Strasbourg. It can be compared to the Frankfurter Salzhaus which of course, however, no longer exists.

The Rohan Palace is an important building in Strasbourg. It was built between 1731 and 1742 in the Baroque style. In the following years, it was used as a State residence by the prince bishop and the cardinals. In 1770, Marie Antoinette stayed in the palace and even Napoleon visited in 1805, 1806 and 1809. Today, the three most important museums in Strasbourg are located in the architectural complex.

Experiencing the Cultural Side of Strasbourg

You should definitely visit the three museums in the Palais Rohan. The Musée des Beaux-Arts, which translates as museum for fine art, is a collection of old master´s paintings and sculptures. It is predominantly the works of art from local artists that are exhibited. As a result, the date is an important factor in terms of whether the paintings can be exhibited or not, because the city of Strasbourg always belonged to different countries in the past. The collection comprises some 850 paintings, of which only 250 are permanently exhibited. This includes paintings from Canalettos, Rubens or El Grecos. There is also the Musée archéologique in the Palais Rohan. Here you can get an insight into the archaeological history of the Alsace. The exhibition presents you with a range of archaeological finds from the 1st to the 5th Century after the birth of Christ. The exhibition is rounded off with a collection of archaeological finds dating back to the start of the medieval times.

The Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain de Strasbourg is also well-known beyond the borders of the city. The museum displays paintings of modern and contemporary art. You will be lured by the building even from afar with its distinctive horse-statue on the roof. The centerpiece of the collection are the paintings of Gustave Doré, Hans Arp and Victor Brauner.

Dining Out in Strasbourg

If you are in Strasbourg old town, you need to pay a visit to Le Gruber. The restaurant has a long tradition that stretches back as far as the medieval times. The building is one of the most beautiful in the old town district. You are sure to find the Alsatian Tarte Flambée, which is deemed to be the traditional dish for this region, on the menu. You will discover the different types with a menu that has three varieties and you will pay 15,50 euros for it. Another traditional dish in Strasbourg is the Strasbourg hard cheese and you can order this on the menu for 7,50 euros. Even the Queen Pie is not missing from the menu, you will pay 15,50 euros for this dish.

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